Bike Sponsor - SPIUK


It is not every day that you get to feel like a kid in a sweet shop (apart from when I go shopping for sweets, everyday) but that is how I can best describe the feeling when I visited Spiuk last week.

This is because Spiuk is a company I have been looking to work with for some time, a company I have long admired, who make quality products and whose kit I have used before.

I was very excited when they agreed to sponsor me and I have been fortunate enough to be sponsored for the full range of cycling kit; helmets, shoes, glasses, trisuit and training kit - some I have been using already, some products are new to me but they are all just as good as I had been hoping, and knew they would be.


I was thrilled this year when Isaac offered me a Isaac Joule Aerotic Time Trial frame at athletes rates. They have been a personal favourite since I started triathlon, I don't think there is a better looking bike out there, every race I go to people stop to take pictures of the bike.

But it goes way beyond the looks, superstiff frame, aerodynamic wheel hugging frame. An absolutle please to ride. Sadly Isaac went into administration earlier in the year, so if anyone out there reads this and would like to sponsor me for 2010 then please get in touch.

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