Now, 1 week into the 2010 campaign, my thoughts are already wondering over to the far off race season. But if I am going to plan ahead properly, it is only right I look back at the year just gone. Did I achieve my objectives?

2009 Objectives

(i) Get to the Pro 70.3 Ironman World Championships
(ii) Break 4hrs for a 70.3
(iii) Finish in the top 25 at the Worlds
(iv) Earn some money from the sport
(v) Be more consistent - don't break myself

(i) Be at the Pro 70.3 Ironman World Championships?
Well I certainly got there, and I had a great time getting there. Thank you to my excellent supporters and sponsors for 2009; Whasp, Isaac, 2XU and Snugg. I would also like to thank all the great people who have helped me with homestays and who I really couldn't manage without; Barbara, Phillipe, Flo (Austria); Rebcca (Toronto); Mel, Dave, Julie, Sara, Emilie, Maddie (Muskoka); Ray, Loukia (Atlanta); Zach and family, Patti-Ann and family (Augusta), all the St Pepe Mad Dogs (St Pete and Clearwater) Hopefully I will get to see you all again in the near future

(ii) Break 4hrs?
3hrs 57mins 08second. Infact, I revised my goal to 3hrs57mins for Clearwater, and I'm feeling kind so I'll take that.

(iii) Top 25 in the World?
Who knows what might have been ;-) But no, target missed, we all know why.

(iv) Earn some money from races?
Nope. Probably spent the most money yet. Damn. Did I chose races to feed my ego or fill my pocket? Definitely the ego, but with it I was hoping the traffic from my wallet would become two way, but it didn't. This has lead me to reassess yet again, what it means to be a pro triathlete, and this single fact is going to dictate how my 2010 seasons unfolds ahead of me.

(v) Stay in one piece?
Yes. I made some tough decisions. I dropped out of some races when the risk/reward was not in my favour and I am proud of myself for that. It was unbelievably hard to do, but I take comfort in it being the smart, professional thing to do.

 - All in all I am fairly pleased. I achieved all of the objectives that were under my control, so I have to be pleased with that. But the objectives that were out of my control to a certain degree, placement in races and winning money, were missed. Possibly the targets were overly ambitious or perhaps I didn't do what needed to be done to get there. I am going to take the second option, there are always many things to improve on....