Entrepreneurship - Have a look here

(i) A friend of mine, Alex Lewis, pitched on Dragon's Den a few weeks ago and successfully in obtaining the money he needed to get his awesome idea up to speed.

A couple of years ago I raced the British National Championships, in March, in torrential rain and gales on a Welsh hillside. Out of the 25 or so athletes I think everyone started the ten lap bike. Alex was one of the smart ones who dropped out after a lap or two. I was too stubborn and rode on for 7 laps until I couldn't keep my eyes open let alone pedal or stear. I joined over half the field in the medical room as we all looked at each other in disgust for being soft enough to drop out. In amongst all the hypothermic bodies (33.5 degress for myself) Alex was dishing out the space blankets and stopping us from losing consciousness.

But back to the big idea - it is essentially a space blanket in jacket form, complete with sleeves and hood. How many times have you been on your bike on a winter ride when you realise you are infact VERY cold, could cycle into a ditch at any time, or may just die from exposure. The jacket is only £10, vacuum packed and is possibly the best value bit of kit you could buy this winter. I am going to make it a compulsory item on the shopping list of all the uni athletes next year.

Check it out NOW

(ii) Pros fighting for Pros

As discussed previously, the 2010 WTC license has very much the effect of making the Pros trying to put each other out of business. By introducing the % rules, if the lead athlete finished well ahead of the rest of the field it would deny other athletes prize money and therefore put them out of business.

But the Pros have been fighting the system and are standing up for one and other;

Kelly Williamson at Steelhead 70.3 was the first athlete to perform this daring stunt
    "As I approached the finish line, I figured why not take this opportunity to at least try to allow us to all get a paycheck....While a bit anti-climactic for my first 70.3 win, it still felt incredible to break the tape, while also showing some respect to my fellow competitors.”

and a few weeks later, Julie Dibens at Boulder 70.3

    "I just wanted to make sure as many girls as possible would be able to earn money today," said Dibens to slowtwitch. "I just hung out with my family, enjoyed the time and wanted to prove a point. Making money in this sport is hard enough as is."

Some very noble racing indeed.

(iii) Taking the Lead

Seeing that the 8% rule mentioned above has meant that even podium position athletes have not been paid this year in WTC events, things were going to have to change. But before the WTC abandoned it's ill fated 2010 policy, the Challenge Brand has already abandoned its (more generous) finish time/prize money policy. Or better yet, the newest brand TriGrandPrix has never had a finish time/prize money policy, who is really looking out for the athletes?! No coincidence I feel that TriGrandPrix's tagline is "Athlete Care"