8 Days in Lanzarote = 500 miles on the bikes, 5hrs jogging, 5hrs swimming, 1.6kg of biscuits, 1 mental receptionist threatening to call the police, £60 in hidden charges

Inter-semester break could not have arrived at a better time. Whilst running in the snow was still fun,

...riding the rollers for a couple of hours a day in the kitchen was starting to lose it's charm, so it was off to Lanzarote for 8 days of sunshine and riding.

The trip incurred a few minor hiccups early on when Jack dislocated his wrist in a fairly innocuous low speed crash, but with Tom coming in to take his place we seemed set to go. Until, with a week to go, Matt asked me when exactly we were leaving, "Oh bollox, I think I have an exam that day" was his reply. He was of course correct and had to join us a day later. I should add I did not have an entirely clean run up to the trip as I left my passport at home, only for Gemma to save the day, and my blushes, by speeding it to the train station.

Tom and I checked in to our apartment and were pleasantly suprised what £190 for 10 days flights and accommadation will get you. Matt arrived the following day and was checked into another apartment, which was of course a mistake. Reception were suspicous but too slow to work it out (yet sadly not quite slow enough). After calling us all down twice they confirmed out reservation and that we were fully paid up. Convinced by this we went about our training;

We worked on flexibility;

We worked on getting strong;

We worked on....I don't know what this is;

And like typical triathletes we worked hard at "doing our own thing" and training by ourselves as much as possible. The time that we gathered in the same place for the longest time was for the much anticipated crazy golf and pool showdown. Conveniently John and Marcus came down over night with violent vomitting and general malaise which would see them finishing bottom of the rankings and being spoken badly about for their inability to put it on the line when it matters.

The crazy golf saw the Northeners coming out in their true colours as Oli and I frequently swore and blasted the ball off the green, hoping that hitting the ball via the bar might offer a better route to the pin than via the one foot jump on the hole. Sadly all our violent stick swinging was for nothing, as we were beaten by a Southerner by one stroke. I won the pool and I only hit the ball off the table once, disappointing.

With two days to go the receptionist came into our apartment when all 3 of us were present, she exclaimed, "you know each other!" It was pointless to deny it, the games was up. But we thought we played fairly and expected to be treated accordingly. Apparently this meant paying for a full 9 nights for the second apartment. Not satisfied with this outcome Matt moved his stuff into our apartment on night 6 and dropped his key off at rececption who again demanded instant payment upon threat of calling the police should we refuse. Matt bravely declined to pay and sought to speak with the manager in the morning.

Rather than wait in on the manager we decided to spend the morning riding up and down a really big hill lots of times,

...when we returned the manager had left and again we were threatened with police. After much consideration as to whether we could camp at the beach in our bike boxes for the next few nights, and bartering, we managed to pay less than half price. Small victories. Turns out when Jack was taken off the itinerary they made a repeat booking with Tom's name at the head of one and Jack's name at the head of the other. The fact there were two Matt Everest's and two Tom Rooms made perfect sense. Well played lowcostholidays.com Ba$tard$.

Back in Bath now and feeling much better for putting in 29hrs of biking in 8 days, sadly work and the climate are unlikely to allow for quite so much but I feel like it has given my training a very welcome boost