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Training Week March 13th-19th

Posted by Tom Room on Monday, March 22, 2010, In : Training Week 
Week 3 of 3 in the first big(ger) volume training block;

Saturday 13th

2hr X-Country run...may have got a little lost but well worth it
3hrs aerobic ride

Sunday 14th
3hr aerobic ride
75min x-country run
75min powercranks ride

Monday 15th
5.5km swim - mainset 45x100

Tuesday 16th
4hr ride
75min x-country run

Wednesday 17th
5.7km swim - mainset (i) 10x200 best pace; main set (ii) 2km aerobic
2hr powercranks ride - made it up 25% Prospect Place - take a look on google maps, I'll film it next time as this rea...
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Training Week 6th - 12th March

Posted by Tom Room on Monday, March 15, 2010, In : Training Week 
Week 2 of 3...

Saturday 6th
3.5hrs ride aerobic
Then for no apparent reason my body took it upon itself to be violently sick for the evening. Something which wouldn't normally bother me too much but I had some couchsurfers from Holland come stay for the Bath Half Marathon

Mairead & Helen

and trying to be a good host I had cooked them tea...fortunately they were fine so who knows what brought on the sickness. Mairead and Helen both work for Asics so they brought me some cool kit for having them st...
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Ironman Pro License (IV)

Posted by Tom Room on Monday, March 8, 2010, In : WTC 
This follows on from the earlier Ironman Pro License (I), but not part (II), or part (III), because they don't exist yet.

Part (III) is about the winners and losers of the Pro License, but after reading this on, I think it also worth examining the WTC's logic behind the license - will it infact improve the quality of the Pro racing field at Championship events?

Ironman Pro License Part (IV) - Will it improve the quality of Triathlon?

Firstly, I think it is necessary to define a few term...
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Training Week 27th Feb - 5th March

Posted by Tom Room on Sunday, March 7, 2010, In : Training Week 
This was the first week of big(ger) volume training, not including Lanzarote. I really enjoyed it and have become considerably more tired (I napped in the bike shed at uni earlier in the week....damp) and more hairy as my "heavy training beard" starts to take hold.

90min hilly x-country taking in Bannerdown, St Catherine's and Solsbury Hill
3.5hr ride

3hr ride
2hr ride on the powercranks - blew up pretty hard

5.0km swim

3.5hr ride; Cheddar-Wells loop
1hr run

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