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Great move from ICAN Triathlon

Posted by Tom Room on Thursday, March 31, 2011, In : ICAN Triathlon 
The new tirathlon organisation ICAN Triathlon which currently produces long distance races in Marbella and Malllorca ois offering a fanstastic service to athletes when out on the bike course - neutral service motor bikes providing wheel replacement for punctures.

Given that most athletes take part in triathlon for the challenge of competing rather than competing this small gesture will have a massive impact on those athletes unfortunate enough to puncture and at the same time extend a very po...
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Priorities - More on Season Planning

Posted by Tom Room on Thursday, March 31, 2011, In : Thoughts 
I felt good about the blog I wrote a while back about How to Plan a Season / The Problem with being SMART but when it came to plan my own season it became clear that I was missing something as much to my frustration I was struggling to enact my own philosophy;

S = Suffering
W = Wild Ambition
E = Exceeding Limits
A = Achievable
(still important, just not that important)
T = Time Frame
E = Exciting
D = Daring

I found that my own season plans were not exciting, nor daring and they did not strike me as a...
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