I was really looking forward to doing this race. I haven't done a sprint in a couple of years and Bradford on Avon presented the perfect opportunity to do a local, open-water race, in a beautiful setting. My body was still a little bit sore from Challenge Barcelona the weekend before, the ride to the race necessatated a rest in itself, but a race is a race, and you've just got to work with what you've got on race day.


I managed to get a gap after 30 or so metres and tried to put as much time into the rest of the field, fully aware that my legs were going to be suffering. I exited the 750m swim in 09:27, about 30seconds up on second place. I had a quick transition and hoped to disappear out of sight.

Swim score: -1 for >18min 1500m pace, -1 for >18:15min 1500 pace, -1 for >18:30min 1500 pace = 0/3


I felt like I needed to do a race with the training wheels on, I think it is good to know once in a while, who is racing fast - you or your bike?! Still, doesn't hurt tuse my Spiuk Kronos Aero helmet though ;-) I actually felt pretty good at the start of the bike and made it up the hill out of town without too much difficulty. It it a tough course which feels about 75% up hill. After rocketing down Winsley Hill, it was time to face Freshford Hill. This hill is steep, 42x27 was barely enough to keep me moving forward and I just hoping the little climbing whippets weren't going to come past.

Bike score: -3 for being a minute off the quickest bike split = 0/3.


The run had two out and back sections along the canal which was perfect for eyeing up the competition as they started bearing down. Here my legs were really feeling the half marathon and the 5km really did feel much further.

Run score: -1 for >33min 10km pace, -1 for >33.5min 10km pace, -1 for >34min 10km pace = 0/3.


I managed to hang on to the lead I had built up from the swim to win by 1 minute. I had a great time at this race. DB max put on a really friendly, well organised event, with a tough course and in a fantastic setting. I'm looking forward to the next one. Well done to Oli who was chasing me down in 5th, and James who probably cycles back and forth to more race than I do in 82nd.

Overall score. 1/1. Given that I was tired going in to the race I feel like I put together a reasonable peformance and was very pleased to hold on for the win.

Total Score: 1/10. This may seem a little odd, but it is just a reflection on the times I feel like I need to be achieving in order to be competitive at the top level. Whilst I am pleased with the race, I was just too slow.