...let it never be said the children of the North are not insightful (or very good at sledging)

I have just returned from a great week at home in the North for Christmas. And there was snow, which excites any Northener. Tom and I polished up and hammered together his dad's 50 year old wooden sledge to great effect. Not only were we the envy of every kid on the hill, we almost garroted ourselves on the barbed wire fence at the bottom. Fortunately we had foreseen this happening and placed a shopping trolley in the way as a buffer....

Note - we had nothing to do with the shopping trolley somehow making its way to the hill, miles from the nearest supermarket?!

Preoccupied by snow, surrounded by iced over roads and pool closures, very little training was done.

I have returned to Bath, and back to training. Turns out 1 week off after 3 weeks of light training will knock you back a bit. I hope it is just the cold air, but I feel like an asthmatic bambi right now