Six years ago Dan and I started university at Bath to explore the crazy notion of actually getting good at triathlon. Back in 2003 Bath was the place for triathlon in the UK, inspring athletes like Julie Dibens, and we even had TWO coaches. Through a lot of hard work Dan and I both managed to get along pretty well and have been racing elite for some years now, but today Dan moved to Leeds - why would he do that??

   Triathlon 2003, Dan in the fetching gold helmet

For 18 months we have had no onsite coach at Bath and limited access to facilities. Current casualties include Matt Sharp, Mark Threlfall, Aaron Harris (European Elite Team, 2nd Nationals) and now Dan has jumped ship too. Not that I blame him, the chance to train with the likes of the Brownlees would be amazing and I would have gone if I wasn't kept here by my dependence on my part time job - how sad is that?!

Teambath is the official brand of elite sport in Bath. I put some time in over the summer highlighting the strengths of the squad (out of 7 athletes still here, 5 of us are ranked in the TOP 50 PROS IN THE WORLD at our chosen discipline). Keep in mind we have done this entirely off our own backs, does it not beg the question how much could we achieve is someone cared??

For Teambath management it was simply a question of numbers. The key issue for the squad is pool time, there are free lanes and we requested that we be able to use them on a daily schedueled basis when they were free. Apparently the act of allocating free and otherwise unused lanes is too much of a financial burden?

Whilst I do count myself lucky that I get free use of the pool, which is fantastic, it is hard to make the most of the facilities when you have to move lanes 3 times a session. How well would you work if you had to move office 3 times an hour?!

The point being, Bath was the centre for triathlon, and we have good enough athletes here now to take it to the top again. But will they realise before everyone becomes too disillusioned, leaves and triathlon at Bath vanishes for good....and we all move to Leeds?

All the best Dan. Come back when you are top 10 in the World.