Over the last few weeks training has been steadily improving, firstly getting back to where I was after Muskoka and Augusta, and then pushing forward towards Clearwater. For the first time in over a year I feel like I am running "okay", I have actually been running on the road in the last few weeks and haven't had an adverse reaction (last season and most of this one has been characterised by stress fracture issues). So I decided to put my running to the test with my first road race in 2 years and over the shortest distance in 4 years, 5km!

Off the back of some hard run and big bike miles I was pretty pleased with 16:25 along the Bristol cycle path. Seeing as I've been training for 1/2 marathon for the last 2 years I think that wasn't a bad effort. However it just reinforces my theory that I have to get my 5km down to 15mins if I am going to get fast enough to become a force at 70.3.

Swim training has been effected by the usual swim/run inverse relationship that many people seem to suffer from. My final race pace set before flying out to Florida was turned into a farce by the usual lane fiasco. I started my 2km mainset in lane 5 and mid way through had to jump in lane 2 and negotiate 5 other triathletes and 5 members of the public. I am proud to say I didn't drop a single time, but I'm p!ssed at Teambath for impeding my preparations instead of trying to enhance them.

Biking has been going well, and I have been helped a lot by team mates coming out and pushing me at the back end of rides even though it doesn't fit in with their training.

Jack riding the back end of a 30mile TT with me round Chew Valley Lake