With the 70.3 World Championships on the horizon I thought it was about time I finally got a blog/website up and running. After a very busy and exciting September racing in Muskoka 70.3 (Canada) and Augusta 70.3 it was time to get back to some serious training.

The week started with a hot box session. People say there is a love hate relationship about running on a treadmill in a heat chamber (read plastic box with a bar heater) I am yet to experience the pleasant side. The aim being to start some acclimatisation work before flying out to Florida as even in November it will be HOT.

If you want to recreate the glamour in your own home it is pretty straightforward. Set your turbo up in the bathroom, shut the doors and windows and keep a hot shower running...

I have also taken over coaching the University of Bath student club alongside Jack Grundy, which is pretty exciting. I've been looking to get involved in coaching for some time and it is part of my long term plan...if all goes to plan I hope to be offering my services as a coach from the New Year.....check back for updates