Over the last few days I have put in my last long sessions;

- 3.8km swim
- 2hrs 45mins bike (should have been 3.5hrs but sometimes you have to know when enough is enough)
- 1hr 45min run

And it just gets shorter and faster from here on in...

Today was my last day in Bath and I did a race pace swim which gave me a lot of confidence; 15x100m off 1:15 coming in 1:10. Admittedly it was in a wetsuit but I felt good and could have carried on. The rest of the day has been spent packing, which for a completely inexplicable reason takes all day. Living in a top floor flat doesn't help...how do you clean a bike in a flat with no garden?

Having a very understanding housemate (and tidying up before she gets home) certainly helps. Tomorrow I fly to Tampa, to homestay with the St Pete Mad Dogs. I can't wait to get out there.