Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting in as much racing as possible. My weakness last season was run speed so I wanted to set about addressing this as soon as possible; by racing as many foot races between now and when my full triathlon season starts.

It has highlighted to me again just how useful these training races are as after each race my legs seemed to have found another gear;

April 19th - Frenchay 10km - 10th (or so) I didn't really check the results after this race. It was not pretty. I was in the lead group for the first 2km then faded badly. Was almost sick after 6km and waddled through to the finish. It had been a very busy week getting my new website up and running but that was no excuse. I was pissed off.

May 1st - Pensford 10km - 3rd An improvement, but still pretty poor. Martin Cox of Saltford harriers put me to shame as he came in about 4mins ahead of me. But I held my form on the hills and was able to sustain my pace better.

May 4th - Bath Amphibians Manic Midweek Duathlon Series (2miles/10miles/2miles) - 2nd. On the first run my legs still felt pretty sluggish and I was able to stick with the front runners. On the bike I felt reasonable but it wasn't until the second run that I finally started to get a flash of how I should be running. I run through from 4th to 2nd with my final run only 11secs slower than my first. Still, Oli Mott came in 2mins ahead and broke the course record...on his first race back in 2 years. Well ran Oli, next month I'll be closer ;-)

So, no matter what your race distance, if you want to achieve your goal, you need to be fast. There is no substitute for speed work, and there is no better speed work than a race. And it is never too late, in 2 weeks or 3 races, I can see a huge improvement in my times and my performances and I'm sure you will too.