The new tirathlon organisation ICAN Triathlon which currently produces long distance races in Marbella and Malllorca ois offering a fanstastic service to athletes when out on the bike course - neutral service motor bikes providing wheel replacement for punctures.

Given that most athletes take part in triathlon for the challenge of competing rather than competing this small gesture will have a massive impact on those athletes unfortunate enough to puncture and at the same time extend a very positive philosphy to the triathlon community as a whole.

I think for pros that perhaps this service should not apply when there is prize money available as the speed of the neutral service vehicle in reaching athletes could dramatically alter the results and therefore the neutral service may not be entirely neutral despite the best of intentions.

Most other major organisers have a no outside assistance rule which meant that Chrissie Wellington relied on Bek Keat "dropping" a co2 cartridge near her when she rode past which enabled Chrissie to go on and win the race which was a very magnaminous gesture. Otherwise, her race would have been over like so many others who puncture at the roadside like Norman Stadler here

Whilst the replacements might not come as quick as this, this move by ICAN triathlon can only be a positive move for the sport