I am very excited to be sponsored by TRI 11 Wetsuits and Speedsuits for the new season.

- Having not used a speedsuit before, I was very excited to see just how fast they are. The short answer, 5 secs per 100m! Or 75 seconds for a 1500m. I can see that having a full length suit being a definite advantage over a shorter suit as this really did feel effortless like a wetsuit.

- The TRI 11 RED Wetsuit sports an innovative cut which is very apparent from just putting the suit on. The neoprene is extra thick around the hips and this extends up a central panel through the midsection for improved buoyancy. At the same time, the super thin 1.2mm arm panels start low down on the shouders to give far more mobility than any other suit I have worn before.

All the suits are available on their online shop with the amazing opportunity to TRY A SUIT FREE FOR A WEEK! Comments