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The Pro Triathlete Dilemma (I) - How much is money worth?

Posted by Tom Room on Wednesday, October 6, 2010, In : Thoughts 
What is worth more - winning money in a smaller race VS finishing position in a big race ?

Well, obviously they are both important. Money is important, 'it can be exchanged for good or services' (H. Simpson) which most people, myself have included have need of....cakes and keeping Isaac in working order. A good finish (top 10) in a big race - Challenge Series or 70.3 looks more impressive but when costs are taken into account, you may often still finish the race with a deficit in your wallet.

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3 Recent Good Happenings in the Triathlon World

Posted by Tom Room on Monday, August 30, 2010, In : Thoughts 
Entrepreneurship - Have a look here

(i) A friend of mine, Alex Lewis, pitched on Dragon's Den a few weeks ago and successfully in obtaining the money he needed to get his awesome idea up to speed.

A couple of years ago I raced the British National Championships, in March, in torrential rain and gales on a Welsh hillside. Out of the 25 or so athletes I think everyone started the ten lap bike. Alex was one of the smart ones who dropped out after a lap or two. I was too stubborn and rode on for 7...
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