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Reflections on Clearwater (Part II) - Why the Pro World Championships is flawed

Posted by Tom Room on Monday, November 23, 2009, In : Pro Drafting 

It is the density of riders that dooms the Pro World Championship where as the relatively poorly attended series events do not suffer the same problem.

If you assume the pros ride at modest 25mph that means they are travelling 11.2m/sec. That means they can come out the water/start the bike within a second of each other, and whilst still being technically draft legal, they are right on top of one another.

Looking at athletes exiting the water to find the greatest density (highest number of ath...

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Reflections on Clearwater

Posted by Tom Room on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, In : Pro Drafting 

Going into the race I had two objectives; break 4hrs (targetting 3hrs57m) and to finish in the top 25, 30, 37 (A, B, C goals). I finished in 3hrs57m08sec (I attribute the lost 8 seconds to a scuffle with a motorbike and a fence) and placed 48th -  which I attribute to cheating on the bike and weak refereeing and enforcement of the rules. I am aware that my words may seem harsh, and I know there were other clean riders out there, but in general, as a whole, the race was a joke.


Following h...

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