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Training Week 14th - 20th February

Posted by Tom Room on Thursday, February 24, 2011, In : Training Week 2011 

The first hard week in a 3 week block;


am - 1hr aerobic run
am - aerobic swim set, though I am swimming a little rubbish so it turned out to be a little harder than it shoudl have been;
400 off 6mins; 4x100 off 1:30
300 off 4:30; 3x100 off 1:25
200 off 3:00, 2x100 off 1:20 (went a little wrong around here)
2x100 off 1:20, 1:30; 200 off 3:00
3x100 off 1:25, 300 of 4:30
4x100 off 1:30, 400 off 6mins
Total 5.2km


am - 4.4km Strength Set
pm - 4x10min hill rep loop with uni club - Steady along th...

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Training Week 17th - 23rd January

Posted by Tom Room on Sunday, January 23, 2011, In : Training Week 2011 
Recovery Week

It's been a very busy week work rise and I have been organising the Bath Run Series which has had it's last event on Sunday which was a great success. Consequently I have been too busy/tired to do the training I had planned. But in recovery weeks especially it is more important to actual recover somewhat than just becoming progressively more tired. Especially as I am going to Lanzarote on Tuesday for 11 days to get some high quality training in, it didn't make sense to go there t...
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Training Week 9th - 16th January

Posted by Tom Room on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, In : Training Week 2011 
Another good volume week this week. I was particularly knackered Wednesday night after two 6 hour days but after a lighter day Thursday I was able to finish the week off well on Friday/


3hrs 15min ride on powercranks......double puncture = long walk home :-(
45min run - had meant to be a brick session but I'm not sure you can count it was an hour walk in the middle, and dinner.


6km swim 8x600 alt swim, pull + 30secs
1hr 45min run
2hrs on powercranks, one outside, one on the rollers

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Training Week 2nd - 8th January 2011

Posted by Tom Room on Saturday, January 8, 2011, In : Training Week 2011 
After having a somewhat longer end of season break due to a mystery illness and jamming my foot down a rabbit hole, my build up in winter training has been progressive, yet very steady. This last week I was able to enjoy a good week of high volume base endurance work;


1hr 50min run (on my 2hr loop which apparently needs renaming) before breakfast
1hr 15min ride on powercranks


3hr ride on powercranks
3hr hike
1hr run


5.5km swim, aerobic mixed strokes
1hr 30min ride on powercranks ...
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Training Week 12th-18th June

Posted by Tom Room on Friday, June 18, 2010, In : Training Week 
- 2hr easy long run

- 3hr Cheddar group ride, 15 mile and 18 mile section attacking riding, trying to drop the group
- 1hr temp run

- 5km - 1500, 800, 400, 200, 100 descending within each rep

- 2.5hr ride, was aiming for 4hrs but had really tight hip flexors which were starting to bother me
- 5x1 mile (ish) Weston reps - 4:56, 4:54. 4:54, 4:49, 4:40 - Brilliant run. First 3 reps my hip flexors were tight, my stride length short and as a result my whole body was tight. Re...
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Training Week 5th-11th June

Posted by Tom Room on Friday, June 18, 2010, In : Training Week 
I took the disappointment of Barcelona pretty hard, as my recent write ups may have suggested. Possibly I was a bit harsh on myself, but the point is that it is only the result that counts, the number next to your name. There is no room for conditional clauses in results at a high level (or any level if you want to be honest with yourself)....I raced well "given that" [insert excuse] etc. Sometimes there is an element of truth, I am sure I would have raced better in Barcelona had I not been s...
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Training Week May 8th-14th

Posted by Tom Room on Wednesday, May 19, 2010, In : Training Week 
Aim:- Taper Week

Saturday 8th
90min run

Sunday 9th
Strength Bike 2x{8mile over-gear, 4 miles hard, 4 miles easy}
15min run hill reps off the bike

Monday 10th
5km swim

4x1mile (ish) Weston reps off 6:30 in 4:54. 4:48, 4:47. 4:46 Av 4:49
Castle Combe Bike 3x{2laps hard, 1 lap easy} 8:30, 8:45. 8:40

Race prep swim 6x200 off 2:30 aiming for 2:24, + 1min recovery, 8x100 off 1:20 aiming for <1:10

Day off

Travel Day 

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Training Week May 1st-7th Strength/Speed Week 1 of 1

Posted by Tom Room on Thursday, May 13, 2010, In : Training Week 
Aim - Hard Week: I have just come off a rest week and I am racing Challenge Half Barcelona on May 16th. This means this is my last hard weeks training before the race with a one week recovery going into the race. I need to recognise if I am starting to push too hard and do sessions that are going to effect how well I recover the following week, so basically I will start to back off at the end of the week to ensure I am sufficiently rested to ensure the race is worth the trip.

Saturday 1st

2hr ...
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Training Week April 24th-30th Recovery Week

Posted by Tom Room on Friday, April 30, 2010, In : Training Week 
Aim - Recovery Week. Was looking for another strength week but after Sunday it became apparent this wasn't going to happen so it turned into a recovery week. Keep the longer sessions in place where possible and recovery around them

Saturday 24th
2hr run

Sunday 25th
Day Off - Woke up and felt terrible so ride got cancelled and led to this week turning from strength week into a recovery week

Monday 26th
5km swim

Tuesday 27th
90min run
2hr ride

Wednesday 28th
4km swim
90min ride

Thursday 29th
Day Off

Friday 30...
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Training Week April 17th-23rd Strength Week 2 of 2/3

Posted by Tom Room on Friday, April 30, 2010, In : Training Week 
Aim - Strength Week. Focus on bike strength

Saturday 17th
2hr run

Sunday 18th
3hr 45min Strength Ride as 3x{8mile over gear, 4mile hard, 4 mile easy}
Straight into 15min hill reps
1hr recovery run

Monday 19th
Gym (Strength)
6km swim

Tuesday 20th
4hrs 45min aerobic
75min x-country run

Wednesday 21st
5km swim
2hrs powercranks
90min very painful run and a 20min walk home...blown

Thursday 22nd
Day Off

Friday 23rd
Bike - Powercranks hill reps 4 x Widcombe, 1 x North Rd seated. In hindsight, this screwed my legs over ...
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Training Week April 10th-16th Strength Week 1 of 2/3

Posted by Tom Room on Friday, April 30, 2010, In : Training Week 
Aim - Strength Week. The will be week 1 of 2 or 3 depending on how well I take to strength work and after nearly exclusively aerobic work up until this point.

Saturday 10th
3hr 45min Strength Ride as 3x{8 miles over gear, 4 miles, 4 miles easy}
Straight into 15min hill reps
1hr recovery run

Sunday 11th
Coaching swim day for

Monday 12th
Gym (Strength)
6km swim

Tuesday 13th
4hr 45min aerobic ride
75min x-country run

Wednesday 14th
5km swim
90min powercranks, including 40mins solid effort
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Training Week April 3rd - 9th

Posted by Tom Room on Sunday, April 25, 2010, In : Training Week 
"You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it" Arnold H. Glasgow

I was aiming for the same as the previous week, giving me a two week block of the big volume before returning to work after Easter, unfortunately it didn't go entirly to plan.

Saturday 3rd
2hr ride working the hills
2km easy swim
2.5hr ride introducing over gearing in long blocks
- After a very nice meal out I ended up being sick a few hours later. Possibly due to the food, possibly because my body hates me, either way...
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Training Week March 27th - April 2nd

Posted by Tom Room on Sunday, April 4, 2010, In : Training Week 
Two weeks Easter holidays have just begun so it is time to focus on pushing the volume on, getting better recovery, and going home for the Easter weekend. I am hoping to make this either a 2 or 3 week block dependent on how well I recover and this is the first week.

Saturday 27th
- 2hr X-Country run
- 90min powercranks
- 1hr on Isaac (to check all is working smoothly)

Sunday 28th
- 4hr ride on Isaac
- 1hr run

Monday 29th
- Gym
- 6km swim; Main set change of pace 1.5km, 1.0km, 0.6km and band work

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Training Week March 20th-26th

Posted by Tom Room on Friday, April 2, 2010, In : Training Week 
Recovery Week - It was generally accepted that I looked like cr@p, and I did feel pretty terrible, so the aim was to do a little training as necessary so I would be ready for the next hard block

Saturday 20th
- 1hr X-Country Run
- In the afternoon I promptly put myself in a food coma in front of a whole day's worth of 6 Nations Rugby - which was going well, only to be rudely awoken by Austin Healey's ridiculous comment, "It's only cheating when you get caught". What a complete

But that is the att...
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Training Week March 13th-19th

Posted by Tom Room on Monday, March 22, 2010, In : Training Week 
Week 3 of 3 in the first big(ger) volume training block;

Saturday 13th

2hr X-Country run...may have got a little lost but well worth it
3hrs aerobic ride

Sunday 14th
3hr aerobic ride
75min x-country run
75min powercranks ride

Monday 15th
5.5km swim - mainset 45x100

Tuesday 16th
4hr ride
75min x-country run

Wednesday 17th
5.7km swim - mainset (i) 10x200 best pace; main set (ii) 2km aerobic
2hr powercranks ride - made it up 25% Prospect Place - take a look on google maps, I'll film it next time as this rea...
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Training Week 6th - 12th March

Posted by Tom Room on Monday, March 15, 2010, In : Training Week 
Week 2 of 3...

Saturday 6th
3.5hrs ride aerobic
Then for no apparent reason my body took it upon itself to be violently sick for the evening. Something which wouldn't normally bother me too much but I had some couchsurfers from Holland come stay for the Bath Half Marathon

Mairead & Helen

and trying to be a good host I had cooked them tea...fortunately they were fine so who knows what brought on the sickness. Mairead and Helen both work for Asics so they brought me some cool kit for having them st...
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Training Week 27th Feb - 5th March

Posted by Tom Room on Sunday, March 7, 2010, In : Training Week 
This was the first week of big(ger) volume training, not including Lanzarote. I really enjoyed it and have become considerably more tired (I napped in the bike shed at uni earlier in the week....damp) and more hairy as my "heavy training beard" starts to take hold.

90min hilly x-country taking in Bannerdown, St Catherine's and Solsbury Hill
3.5hr ride

3hr ride
2hr ride on the powercranks - blew up pretty hard

5.0km swim

3.5hr ride; Cheddar-Wells loop
1hr run

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8 Days in Lanzarote

Posted by Tom Room on Sunday, February 21, 2010, In : Training Week 
8 Days in Lanzarote = 500 miles on the bikes, 5hrs jogging, 5hrs swimming, 1.6kg of biscuits, 1 mental receptionist threatening to call the police, £60 in hidden charges

Inter-semester break could not have arrived at a better time. Whilst running in the snow was still fun,

...riding the rollers for a couple of hours a day in the kitchen was starting to lose it's charm, so it was off to Lanzarote for 8 days of sunshine and riding.

The trip incurred a few minor hiccups early on when Jack dislocat...
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