After Challenge Barcelona I had been looking forward to racing ITU Asian Long Distance Championships in South Korea, but due to what the organiser described as "local issues", the race has been postponed...indefinitely!

This has mucked up my season somewhat. I had been intending to race 3 ITU Long Distance races; Korea, China and Ibiza and thus qualify for the ITU Series prize. But without Korea, I can't justify going to China just for giggles and racing Ibiza which is an 03 distance, also lost it's appeal. I could of course done another ITU races but the only remaining races were 03, so I would have been racing more 03 than 02, which seemed the wrong way round.

So the grand plan has been scuppered, and after Barcelona I didn't feel like racing long distance for a while. I am regretting this somewhat, I should have raced Challenge France, or Windsor....I reckon I could have done well given my improved biking. Now, my plan is to race Challenge Austria and make that my main race of the year, as well as maybe Estonia 111.

But in the meantime;

20th June - I am looking forward to racing my home triathlon, the Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon. I first raced this in 2007, racing with a stress fracture in my foot (didn't know it at the time), and I am keen to see how I can do a couple of years on.

27th June - The following week I am racing in Cholmondoley Castle in Cheshire, an 800m, 44km, 8km race.

4th July - Then the week after, Cowman Half Ironman Triathlon. This race always attracts a strong domestic field and has a very good reputation, so I am keen to do this to try and get myself a little more widely known.