What is worth more - winning money in a smaller race VS finishing position in a big race ?

Well, obviously they are both important. Money is important, 'it can be exchanged for good or services' (H. Simpson) which most people, myself have included have need of....cakes and keeping Isaac in working order. A good finish (top 10) in a big race - Challenge Series or 70.3 looks more impressive but when costs are taken into account, you may often still finish the race with a deficit in your wallet.

The other side of the coin is that winning a smaller 'local' race will not attract sponsors, where as a a fairly good position in a Challenge or 70.3 may attract sponsors. But this is far from guaranteed - following the 2009 I attracted some fantastic sponsors; Spiuk, Tri11, Cytosport and Musclemilk. Yet in 2008, despite racing the 70.3 Pro World Champs, I lost my only sponsor at that time.


Three races in 3 weekends; what do you pick?

Race 1 Olympic: Small Race, (probably not attract sponsors), 1st £500, 2nd £300, 3rd £200
Race 2 Olympic: Small Race, (probably not attract sponsors), 1st 500 euro            
Race 3: Half Ironman: Big Race, Attracts Sponsors, EUR 5000/EUR 2500/EUR 1550/EUR 1000/EUR 750/EUR 500/EUR 450/EUR 350/EUR 250/EUR 150




I spent a long time debating this, any comments/suggestions welcome.......