- 2hr easy long run

- 3hr Cheddar group ride, 15 mile and 18 mile section attacking riding, trying to drop the group
- 1hr temp run

- 5km - 1500, 800, 400, 200, 100 descending within each rep

- 2.5hr ride, was aiming for 4hrs but had really tight hip flexors which were starting to bother me
- 5x1 mile (ish) Weston reps - 4:56, 4:54. 4:54, 4:49, 4:40 - Brilliant run. First 3 reps my hip flexors were tight, my stride length short and as a result my whole body was tight. Really relaxed my shoulders on the last two reps and achieved a 6 sec PB on the final rep of the night

- 4.1 km. Pursuit Races! Start in the middle of the lane, swim round and chase the other swimmer. 800, 600, 400, 200 with 200 easy inbetween. Very hard swimming
- 2hrs 45min ride along bike paths Midford -> Radstock -> Frome, really nice to be off the roads
- 30min easy run

- 2km technique swim - very tired

- 1hr run. Then travelling to the North