The first hard week in a 3 week block;


am - 1hr aerobic run
am - aerobic swim set, though I am swimming a little rubbish so it turned out to be a little harder than it shoudl have been;
400 off 6mins; 4x100 off 1:30
300 off 4:30; 3x100 off 1:25
200 off 3:00, 2x100 off 1:20 (went a little wrong around here)
2x100 off 1:20, 1:30; 200 off 3:00
3x100 off 1:25, 300 of 4:30
4x100 off 1:30, 400 off 6mins
Total 5.2km


am - 4.4km Strength Set
pm - 4x10min hill rep loop with uni club - Steady along the bottom of the loop, hard up the hill (threshold), very hard over the top (above threshold), jog down the hill. 60mins


am - Threshold Session 6x300 as 100 steady (below threshold), 100 hard (threshold), 100 very hard (above threshold) + 30secs
Total 4.6km
pm - 5 Hills of Bath, plus an hour easy 2hrs15mins (powercranks) into run 2x{5mins hard, 5mins easy}
pm - 30min recovery jog


Day Off


am - 10km mutli terrain loop running 4-5km, 8-10km hard
am - Speed Session; 8x150 as 75 max off 60, 50 mod off 60, 25 max off 60. + 60. Total 3.2km
pm - 2hrs45min easy ride (powercranks)


am - 2hr pre breakfast run
pm - 2hr ride powercranks with intervals


am - 3hrs45mins on TT bike
pm - 1hr easy run

Totals; (somewhat arbitrary to quote total durations now that I am going more interval work I know, but I want to keep these blogs fairly simple)
Swim - 17.4km
Bike - 9hrs45mins
Run - 7hrs

This was the first week that I have included some interval training in bike and run and was very pleased with how it went.