This was the first week of big(ger) volume training, not including Lanzarote. I really enjoyed it and have become considerably more tired (I napped in the bike shed at uni earlier in the week....damp) and more hairy as my "heavy training beard" starts to take hold.

90min hilly x-country taking in Bannerdown, St Catherine's and Solsbury Hill
3.5hr ride

3hr ride
2hr ride on the powercranks - blew up pretty hard

5.0km swim

3.5hr ride; Cheddar-Wells loop
1hr run

5.0km swim
2.25hr powercrank ride - really cross at myself for not making it up Prospect Place - 25% hill. Student club be warned, we will be going back until I make it
1hr run

30min recovery run (just a more efficient way of doing the boring jobs in town)

5.0km swim - with some sprints, almost saw my breakfast again so I knew I was doing the properly
Rest of the sessions got cancelled due to work and going to see the amazing Mr Derren Brown with Ginge

  When we havin'?

Derren completely messed with my mind yet again and I was frustrated not to spot the trick that was staring the audience in the face for the whole show, well worth seeing.

Gym; 2 sessions
Swim; 15.0km over 3 sessions
Bike; 14.25hrs over 5 rides (4.25 on powercranks)
Run; 4.0hrs over 4 sessions

Pretty pleased with the week. Would have liked another hour on the bike and another couple running but it's a start. Comments