After having a somewhat longer end of season break due to a mystery illness and jamming my foot down a rabbit hole, my build up in winter training has been progressive, yet very steady. This last week I was able to enjoy a good week of high volume base endurance work;


1hr 50min run (on my 2hr loop which apparently needs renaming) before breakfast
1hr 15min ride on powercranks


3hr ride on powercranks
3hr hike
1hr run


5.5km swim, aerobic mixed strokes
1hr 30min ride on powercranks (sore MCL on left knee)
1hr hill rep run session (5x10min hill rep loop)


5.5km swim, 6x600m alternating 2x{swim, pull. band +buoy)
3hr ride (normal cranks to rest MCL)
1hr run


5.0km swim, 2x{500 swim, 2x250 pull, 5x100 swim, 10x50 drill}
2hrs rollers (normal cranks)
1hr run


4.0km swim, 8x150 as {75 max off 60, 50 mod off 60, 25 max off 60. + 60 secs rest}
1hr 15min ride (normal cranks)
1hr 45min rollers (normal cranks)
1hr run


Day off


Swim - 20km (4 swims)
Bike - 13hrs 45mins (7 rides)
Run - 7hrs (7 runs)

I am very pleased with this week. It is the biggest swim volume I have done for 6 months and my 'feel' for the water, and more importantly my pace, was much improved over the week even as my arms became more fatigued. There was a reasonable amount of biking with a lot of it being on powercranks. My MCL, which stops the knee from collapsing inwards, became progressively more sore during the week. I switched to conventional cranks for the second half of the week and the soreness disappeared rapidly. 7hrs is the biggest volume of running I have done in at least a year. Whilst I have always felt the need to do more running, the nagging doubt over my stress fracture of 2008 has always held me back. Last year I carried on training when I was feeling uneasy about it and the discomfort soon went away. I think with injuries like this prolonged sensitivity serves as a protective mechanism, but to improve my running this season I need to up the volume whilst remaining mindful of what my body is telling me.