I took the disappointment of Barcelona pretty hard, as my recent write ups may have suggested. Possibly I was a bit harsh on myself, but the point is that it is only the result that counts, the number next to your name. There is no room for conditional clauses in results at a high level (or any level if you want to be honest with yourself)....I raced well "given that" [insert excuse] etc. Sometimes there is an element of truth, I am sure I would have raced better in Barcelona had I not been sick on the bike course, but no one is going to bump you up the results list because of your own misfortune.

At the end of the day, the numbers by your name are either good enough, or they are not. Of course, what is good enough is entirely up to you.

- 3hr Cheddar group ride. Including a 15 mile and 18 mile section hard riding. Brilliant fun
- Run time trial off the bike to Kelston Hill in 27:40, 5min recovery at the top, and run back in 25:30....completely smashed

- 90min run

- 5km aerobic, 5x800 as swim, band+buoy, IM, band+buoy, swim

- 4hr Cheddar Wells ride
- 4x1 mile (ish) Weston reps; 4:56, 4:51, 4:52, 4:59 off 6:30. Av 4:53.5

- Main Set -15x100 at RP-5seconds off enough rest to hit the time....except I didn't
- 2hrs45min ride

- 3km easy swim

- Photo shoot for Cycling Plus