Week 2 of 3...

Saturday 6th
3.5hrs ride aerobic
Then for no apparent reason my body took it upon itself to be violently sick for the evening. Something which wouldn't normally bother me too much but I had some couchsurfers from Holland come stay for the Bath Half Marathon

Mairead & Helen

and trying to be a good host I had cooked them tea...fortunately they were fine so who knows what brought on the sickness. Mairead and Helen both work for Asics so they brought me some cool kit for having them stay, but sadly none of the awesome pink tights in the picture...

Sunday 7th
Took the day off as a precaution

Monday 8th
5.2km swim with 1600m band only
1hr run

Tuesday 9th
5.5km swim
75min x-country
1hr rollers on the powercranks working on overgearing and watching Doomsday, a film about quarantining Scotland following the outbreak of a deadly virus, sounds like a good idea...if your favourite turbo (trainer) film genre is best characterised by comments like, "my favourite bit was when he got punched in the face" then you will probably find this film useful.

Wednesday 10th
2hrs on the powercranks, feeling strong but the long hills are not fast enough yet
1hr run, easy jog

Thursday 11th
Day off

Friday 12th
2.5hr ride
1hr run

Gym - none - Gym is an extra, and given I had been ill, I thought it best to cut the gym in favour of more biking and running
Swim - 16km over 3 sessions
Bike - 9hrs, 3hours on powercranks, over 4 sessions
Run - 4.25 hours over 4 sessions

Although less than the previous week, given I was ill and not feeling strong, I am pleased with the week. My swim and run totals crept up, but the biking suffered as I lost my long ride day. Comments