Another good volume week this week. I was particularly knackered Wednesday night after two 6 hour days but after a lighter day Thursday I was able to finish the week off well on Friday/


3hrs 15min ride on powercranks......double puncture = long walk home :-(
45min run - had meant to be a brick session but I'm not sure you can count it was an hour walk in the middle, and dinner.


6km swim 8x600 alt swim, pull + 30secs
1hr 45min run
2hrs on powercranks, one outside, one on the rollers


6km swim as 4x1km broken including IM, swim and band within each rep.
2hr ride on road bike
1hr hill rep run -  6x10min hill rep loop


4km swim as 12x200 4x(easy/medium/hard)
2hrs 15min ride on powercranks with 2x10mins and 1x20mins at tempo
1hr run


2hrs 15mins pre breakfast run


4km swim - 10x150 as 10x(75max off 60, 50 mod off, 25 max off 60. + 60)
Brick Session: 2hr ride on powercranks into 1hr run
1 hour powercranks on rollers


Day off


Swim - 20km
Bike - 13hrs 45mins
Run - 7hrs 45mins

I was pleased with this week. The volume only just crept up on the week before, but both weeks were at my limit in terms ov volume at the moment so pleased to have make the week as planned. Easy week awaits and I am very much looking forward to it.