Aim - Strength Week. The will be week 1 of 2 or 3 depending on how well I take to strength work and after nearly exclusively aerobic work up until this point.

Saturday 10th
3hr 45min Strength Ride as 3x{8 miles over gear, 4 miles, 4 miles easy}
Straight into 15min hill reps
1hr recovery run

Sunday 11th
Coaching swim day for

Monday 12th
Gym (Strength)
6km swim

Tuesday 13th
4hr 45min aerobic ride
75min x-country run

Wednesday 14th
5km swim
90min powercranks, including 40mins solid effort
90min x-country run

Thursday 15th
Day off

Friday 16th
Hills reps on the bike; 2 x Bathwick hill, 3 x North Rd
3km swim - bit tired after hills

Gym - 1 strength session
Swim - 14km over 3 sessions; 1 aerobic, 1 threshold, 1 (rubbish) speed
Bike - 11hrs over 4 sessions; 1 aerobic, 3 strength (over gearing, powercranks, hills)
Run - 4 hrs over 4 sessions; 3 aerobic, 1 short hills

Good week. Decided to focus on bike strength this block and run strength/speed next block dependent on when racing begins