Aim - Strength Week. Focus on bike strength

Saturday 17th
2hr run

Sunday 18th
3hr 45min Strength Ride as 3x{8mile over gear, 4mile hard, 4 mile easy}
Straight into 15min hill reps
1hr recovery run

Monday 19th
Gym (Strength)
6km swim

Tuesday 20th
4hrs 45min aerobic
75min x-country run

Wednesday 21st
5km swim
2hrs powercranks
90min very painful run and a 20min walk home...blown

Thursday 22nd
Day Off

Friday 23rd
Bike - Powercranks hill reps 4 x Widcombe, 1 x North Rd seated. In hindsight, this screwed my legs over for a long time though it wasn't that hard when I was doing it?!
3.5km swim
40min run, legs ruined

Gym - 1 session, strength
Swim  - 14.5km over 3 sessions; 1 aerobic, 1 threshold, 1 speed
Bike - 11.5hs over 4 sessions; 1 aerobic, 3 strength (over gearing, powercranks, powercranks on hills)
Run - 4hrs 10mins over 4 sessions; 3 aerobic, 1 short hills strength

Summary - Fairly good. Annoyed I ran for so long on Weds and ended up blowing, a long way from home, should have seen it coming.