Aim - Recovery Week. Was looking for another strength week but after Sunday it became apparent this wasn't going to happen so it turned into a recovery week. Keep the longer sessions in place where possible and recovery around them

Saturday 24th
2hr run

Sunday 25th
Day Off - Woke up and felt terrible so ride got cancelled and led to this week turning from strength week into a recovery week

Monday 26th
5km swim

Tuesday 27th
90min run
2hr ride

Wednesday 28th
4km swim
90min ride

Thursday 29th
Day Off

Friday 30th
3km swim

Gym - Nope
Swim - 12km over 3 sessions
Bike - 3.5hrs over 2 sessions
Run - 3.5hrs over 2 sessions

Summary - Low volume across the board but I needed it after the previous two weeks