"You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it" Arnold H. Glasgow

I was aiming for the same as the previous week, giving me a two week block of the big volume before returning to work after Easter, unfortunately it didn't go entirly to plan.

Saturday 3rd
2hr ride working the hills
2km easy swim
2.5hr ride introducing over gearing in long blocks
- After a very nice meal out I ended up being sick a few hours later. Possibly due to the food, possibly because my body hates me, either way - really irritating.

Sunday 4th

Monday 5th

Tuesday 6th
1/2 hr bike, but there was no energy in the legs. Staying out would have only contributed to a meaningless number of hours on the training log and set back my recovery even more.

Wednesday 7th
Recovering (travelling back to Bath)

Thursday 8th
3km swim (slept a lot in the afternoon)

Friday 9th
3km relays set, was really good fun to do something different and get involved in some racing. As a pair we completed 10x100, 20x50 and a final km as a mix of 100s and 50s.

0 gym
8km swim
5hrs riding
0hrs running

As far as being one of the biggest weeks of the year this week wasn't very succesful. But in other ways it was. A training plan or schedule is nothing but a guide, and I think too many people (myself in the past included) get too hung up on hitting weekly totals regardless of the cost....doing sessions you missed in the week during the day off, sound familiar?

The ability to be patient in training and racing is probably one of the most under rated skills a triathlete needs to have to be successful. In this case, patience means being able to let go of a short term target and look at the bigger picture - long term health and absorbing meaningful training.

"You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it" Arnold H. Glasgow