Week 3 of 3 in the first big(ger) volume training block;

Saturday 13th

2hr X-Country run...may have got a little lost but well worth it
3hrs aerobic ride

Sunday 14th
3hr aerobic ride
75min x-country run
75min powercranks ride

Monday 15th
5.5km swim - mainset 45x100

Tuesday 16th
4hr ride
75min x-country run

Wednesday 17th
5.7km swim - mainset (i) 10x200 best pace; main set (ii) 2km aerobic
2hr powercranks ride - made it up 25% Prospect Place - take a look on google maps, I'll film it next time as this really doesn't do it justics
1hr run - started slow...stayed slow

Thursday 18th
Day off

Friday 19th
Gym...this finally broke my legs
5.3km - mainset 3x{100max, 200 cruise, 4x50max, 100 easy}
45min run..started slow, got slower...no point carrying on

Weekly Totals;
Gym - 2 sessions
Swim - 16.5km over 3 sessions
Bike - 13.25 hours (3.25 on powercranks) over 5 rides
Run - 6.25 hours over 5 sessions

It was tough week, mainly because the lack of decent recovery was starting to catch up with me, but I was still pretty close to what I was aiming for. I am really looking forward to the next easy week and maybe doing some non-triathlon activities, for the good of mind and body.