Recovery Week - It was generally accepted that I looked like cr@p, and I did feel pretty terrible, so the aim was to do a little training as necessary so I would be ready for the next hard block

Saturday 20th
- 1hr X-Country Run
- In the afternoon I promptly put myself in a food coma in front of a whole day's worth of 6 Nations Rugby - which was going well, only to be rudely awoken by Austin Healey's ridiculous comment, "It's only cheating when you get caught". What a complete

But that is the attitude of rugby, if the ref doesn't see it, then it's is fine, raking the opposition with your studs, punching them in the face. The rules do not apply pitch wide, they only apply to the ref's range of vision at any particular moment. The parallels with triathlon are too obvious. Sack Austin Healey.

Sunday 21st
- 1hr 45 easy ride, could have comfortably had a nap in a hedge after 50mins - time to go home
- Cake Ride! A very leisurely ride along the Bath-Bristol cycle path, taking the time to enjoy the countryside and a nice piece of cake. Note to self - do this more often

Monday 22nd
- 3.6km Aerobic swim, 1.5km continuous with changes in pace

Tuesday 23rd
- Bonus Day Off

Wednesday 24th
- 3.4km swim
- 2hr powercranks ride, uni club 20km TT round the lakes

Thursday 25th
- Day off

- 1.5km drills set

Totals for the Week
Swim - 8.5km
Bike - 3.75hrs (2hrs on powercranks)
Run - 1hr

I didn't recover brilliantly in this week, but seeing as the next two weeks are Easter Holidays, and therefore I am off work, I am hoping the extra recovery during those weeks should enable me to recover better and still push on with training.