Two weeks Easter holidays have just begun so it is time to focus on pushing the volume on, getting better recovery, and going home for the Easter weekend. I am hoping to make this either a 2 or 3 week block dependent on how well I recover and this is the first week.

Saturday 27th
- 2hr X-Country run
- 90min powercranks
- 1hr on Isaac (to check all is working smoothly)

Sunday 28th
- 4hr ride on Isaac
- 1hr run

Monday 29th
- Gym
- 6km swim; Main set change of pace 1.5km, 1.0km, 0.6km and band work

Tuesday 30th
- 5hr ride on Isaac, chasing blue sky but getting soaked most of the time
- 1hr 50min X-Country (probably the best run I've done all year) in a hail storm

Wednesday 31st
- 6km swim. Main Set 3x(100 off 1:30, 200 off 2:50, 300 off 4:00, 200 easy)
- Visiting an exciting NEW SPONSOR on my way to the North, someone I have been looking to work with for a couple of years....

Thursday 1st
- 40min spin class. This was a better session than I had thought, but it enlighten me as to how I motivate I myself and how what works for one individual may not work for another. Having someone shouting at me to, "push it, work it, drive it" is really annoying ;-)
- 1hr run
- 4hr ride on Isaac

Friday 2nd
- Day off

Gym - 1 session
Swim - 12km in 2 sessions
Bike - 15 hours (90min powercranks) over 6 sessions
Run - 6 hours over 4 sessions

Summary: A good week. Volume is definitely starting to come through as I had my best run of the year after a 5hr bike ride in the morning. Still pretty tired but hoping for more of the same next week.