As I have just come to the end of the volume phase of my training it was time to have a quick review of it.

Volume - Pretty good, hit some "big numbers"............but so what
Consistancy - Not strong....consistancy within the weeks was good (I could hold together a planned weeks training) but I found myself getting mysterious illnesses too often for my liking (more about that later).

Ask a triathlete about training and they will doubtless tell you some number relating to volume. My longest run was 3hrs this week, I've done 250miles on the bike, etc. Why? Because volume is exciting. But volume tells you nothing about a person's training, in many cases, only their bloody mindedness. You can't make any inference to that persons likely race performances because volume by itself counts for nothing. A more interesting, but less exicting answer to, "How's training going?" would be, "Great, I've run 30-40 miles a week for the last 8 weeks, every week".

The title of this post is, Volume VS Consistancy, because to the objective observer I reckon that is what they would make of most triathletes. They chose one over the other, and most of the time it is volume they choose. Probably, because like I mentioned in my last post, they aren't willing to be patient enough to look for the season goals and seek the more instant gratification of volume.

"You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it" Arnold Glasgow.

Lecture over ---------------------------------------------------------//--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So, what did I choose? Volume or Consistancy?

I was aiming for Consistancy but it doesn't look like I hit it.....but I am having trouble reconciling whether I have just been unfortunate of late or if the volume of training I have been doing has tipped me over the edge?

What leads to Inconsistancy - Injury, Ilness

Injury - None
Illness - Which is of course is just a special kind of injury, 3 illnesses in the last 10 weeks.

Feb 17th - 1 week off - Anaphylactic reaction. A sudden swelling took hold of my face that made it look like I had been attacked with botox needles, and had a stroke at the same time. Taking it to be anaphylaxis, I am reluctant to attribute this to too much volume
March 7th - 1 day off - Mysteriously very sick several hours after eating. The people I had cooked for were fine. I really don't know about this
April 3rd - 5 days off - Mysteriously very very sick several hours after eating. No-one else ate what I ate at the restaurant. Food poisoning or my body's way of telling me it wanted to ease off?

So in 70 days I have lost 11 training days to unforseen illness (2 of the 13 would have been scheduled days off ;-)). At the rate of one every week this would generally be terrible. But seeing as it is not a typical cold that you can attribute to a run down immune system, it is very difficult to establish cause and effect. Given my anaphylactic predisposition I'll let that week off go. 6 days out of 70 is still not good.

But as I've been saying all along Consistancy is more important than Volume, so why take the risk?

For my current work load I have established a ceiling for my training volume, once you know your limits, only an idiot would smash their head against the ceiling again and expect nothing bad to come of it.