NEW SPONSOR:- Cytomax Energy Drinks

NEW SPSONSOR:- Muscle Milk Recovery Drinks 

When I got in touch with Cytosport, the parent company for both Cytomax and Muscle Milk, I will confess muscle milk was a new product to me.

I was fortunate enough to be offered products from both lines, and seeing as I knew Cytomax well, I knew I was on to a good thing.

The Muscle Milk recovery powder has arrived at a perfect time. I have recently started the strength phase of my training; bigger weights in the gym, over-gearing and yet more powercrank work.

One week of this would leave my legs on the tender side to put it mildly, but now I make sure to take some Muscle Milk after the hard sessions, and the difference has been immediately noticeable.

By the next day the dead leg feeling has gone and I am ready to go again.

Whasp Energy Gels

For three years now I have been supported by Whasp Energy gels which I could not be happier about as I am certain they are the best gels out there for 3 reasons;

- highest calorie count (121 calories per 50ml)

- highest caffeine (availble in 0mg, 50mg and a massive 100mg)

- easy to take, even without water

You may not have seen them around in the UK as they are creation of Collin Allin (who has a very interesting blog of his own) of South Africa. He is seeking a distributor for the UK (and US) so if anyone is out there who can help he would love to hear from you.


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