Tom Room - Pro Triathlete

A big thank you to all my sponsors featured below, who all contribute massively to all my sporting endeavours; 

Kinetic One

Kinetic One and I go way back. They were the first shop to sponsor me back in 2006. Even when we haven't been officially working together I have been recommending their bike fitting services, and bikes to friends and athletes I coach. Simply because I know they work.

Being back on a Kinetic One bike for 2011 is a great feeling. I am looking forward to working with them in the coming weeks to really refine my position and gain extra time on my competitors for no extra effort.

Tri 11 

The Tri 11 wetsuit has super thin and flexible shoulders making open water swims as natural as a pool swim. It is no coincidence that I lead out my first professional swim after I started racing with Tri 11. 

(Photo: Christoph Raithel)

Cytomax & Muscle Milk 

I feel very lucky to be sharing sponsors with non other than Chrissie Wellington! 

Cytomax & Muscle Milk have been a great asset to my training and recovery. And also, very importantly, they taste like normal drinks - no surprise chalky after taste which is great. 

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