Coaching Ethos

Communication is key to a successful coach - athlete relationship

All my training plans and communication takes place through an online training diary which is simple and easy to use and is hosted by google docs. I check the training plans daily where possible, or at least within 48hrs. If athletes need to communicate with more quickly over an urgent matter then they can get in touch by phone or email.

Some coaching companies charge extra for "unlimited cotact" plan, but to me, this is precisely what coaching is, so this comes as standard with me. There are training templates on the internet for people to follow, when you bring on board a coach, you are looking for their experience and expertise. This is why you should get unlimited contact as standard as that is the real value in hiring a coach.

All my training plans are completely personalised on a week by week basis. All plans include unlimited contact through the training diary, through email and text and have a weekly arranged phone call to discuss the previous week's trianing and the plan for the coming week.

All my rates are very competitive so feel free to email me to find out more and to ask my what I think I can do for you!

Athlete Testimonial Amy Pressland

I went to school with Tom until the age of 16, when he was the cross-country and swimming champion. Even then it was clear he was going to be a great athlete, but Tom is also a great coach.

He has created an individualised program for me which caters to my needs as a novice triathlete. What I like most of all is the structure and creativity that my training now has - no one week is the same and I have already seen huge improvements in my fitness in the short time I have been training with Tom.

And now I'm really looking forward to this triathlon season to put my training into practice!

Knowledge Base

I have been fortunate enough to train alongside some of the sports big names on my way from clueless novice to experienced pro; Julie Dibens, Rich Allen to name but a few. I would also like to acknowledge the mentoring of Chris Volley, who helped my triathlon career within and outside training, who is now the Performance Coach of Triathlon Scotland. Chris encouraged all his athletes to be accountable to themselves, to understand the responses of their body and mind to training, so that the athlete can be his or her own best coach. I really believe in this ethos, but most people, myself included, need help along the way.

I read books, journals, and a few sources I respect, to gain insight into how to evolve my own training, so that I may take my own (and your) performance to the next level.


Athlete Testimonial Eric Godoy

I had signed up to Alpe d'Huez Triathlon and because of work I had to move to a camp in the middle of the Sahara in Libya where I could use my bike only on the turbo, had no swimming pool and all my runs were going to be flat... I had no idea how I was going to train for this but Tom accepted the challenge of training me under these circumstances.

From the first week I was totally surprised by the varieties of the training session, he keeps me motivated and even 2 hours on the turbo were enjoyable. I can see the progress, feeling stronger and getting faster week after week...and I'm really looking forward to race in Alpe d"Huez.

Coaching Experience

- I have coached myself for the last four years and have raced in the Pro World Championships in 2008 & 2009

- I am the coach for the University of Bath Student Club

- Contribute sessions to the Bath Elite Triathlon Squad along with all other members

- I cover the occasional session for the Bath Amphibians Triathlon Club

- (I have the British Triathlon Level 1 Qualification)


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